Liverpool Irish Festival is proud to work with volunteers. Our volunteers help us talk about the festival, give our audiences a great experience and help our venues in delivering a wide variety of activities and shows, ensuring each is of great quality and enjoyable.

If the idea of joining our volunteer team appeals to you, please read our volunteer information pack, using this link. It contains all you need to know (initially, at least!) about volunteering with us and it contains a link to a short, online application form. This form has two parts – the first is about you and volunteering with us and the second includes a number of monitoring questions, which are important for us to share with our stakeholders and funders to demonstrate how we work equitably with our communities. We have tried to make this as easy to complete as possible and although it will not be used as part of your recruitment is essential for us to build evidence about our working practices, so please complete as much as you can. You will not be able to move on to the next question unless an answer is complete.

Please note, VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Completed applications will not be looked at or considered for 2016.

Volunteer application pack