Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tony Birtill speaking at the Cunard Building.When is the Liverpool Irish Festival?

We run our 10-day Festival in October every year. We also run celebration events for St Brigid’s Day (1 Feb) and St Patrick’s (17 Mar) as well as occasional ad-hoc events, sometimes in partnership with Festival friends.

Who is the Liverpool Irish Festival for?

Everyone! The Liverpool Irish Festival brings Liverpool and Ireland closer together using arts and culture. It’s for everyone – whether you are Irish or not. It uses Ireland’s* history, creativity and character as a lens through which to look at the world. It aims to connect people with one another and with artists, to help consider identity, involve people in community and represent Irishness in England.

* When we say Ireland, we refer to ‘all-Ireland’, including the Republic and Northern Ireland.

How can I engage in the Festival?

That depends on what you want to do. If you are a creative wanting to get involved, visit our creative call page to find our more. If you are an artist, work commissioner or cultural ally that wants to get involved in a network, you could join our cultural connectedness network (click here). If you want to see what’s coming up (event wise) click on What’s On.

Where does the Liverpool Irish Festival take place?

Each year, the Festival hosts events at many venues across the city region; usually around 20. Each event listing will have a location listing and a venue page in our website, which you can find using our website menu by going to What’s On | Festival Venues.

How much is it to attend the Liverpool Irish Festival?

Our events are all individually priced and are often free. We aim to be as cost effective as we can be. We use our public funding to support our work and subsidise ticket prices. This includes funding from Liverpool City Council’s Culture and Arts Investment Programme, the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme and Arts Council England‘s National Lottery grants programme.

Are you committed to carbon zero initiatives?

Yes, we are committed to improving our green credentials and in helping visitors make positive environmental decisions, especially when visiting the Festival. You can read our environmental policy in our Policy Pack (from page 22). We are a carbon literate company.

Is the Liverpool Irish Festival a charity and how are you run?

Yes, we are a charity, charity number 1100126 and company number 4800736. You can read all about out structure and governance, here.

Does the Liverpool Irish Festival run the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail?

Yes; since 2018 the Liverpool Irish Festival has been working on the rejuvenation of the Liverpool Great Hunger Commemoration Committee‘s original Heritage Trail. We continue to work on this and to engage communities in developing an asset list of research, artworks and resources. You can find out more here.

Can I volunteer with the Festival or Trail?

Yes. We ordinarily recruit front-of-house volunteers in August/September to help us deliver the Festival in October. You can find out more about that here. We also run a History Research Group, who work on research for the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail. To find out more email [email protected]. Additionally, we run an open trustee recruitment process, which means you can join the Board of Director’s of the Festival.  Interested? Click here.

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