Children’s page

ARt supplies and colourful masks.

Here you will find a growing selection of children’s activities connected with Samhain (Hallowe’en) for children to print and play with.

Día de los Muertos masks

The skull is a long-standing symbol linked with Samhain (Pagan Hallowe’en), Hallowe’en and Day of the Dead. In Mexico people celebrate ‘Día De los Muertos’ or ‘The Day of the Dead’ on 1 November. Sugar skulls, were an Aztec ritual, created to honour those we have lost and they are always colourful and elaborately patterned; they are often garnished with flowers.

To play with these masks you can:

  • Colour them in with pencils, pens or paints.
  • Cut them out and use them as Samhain/Hallowe’en masks. You can hole punch holes for elastic or ribbon to tie them on. Or, you could mount your mask on a stick.
  • If you want to make them more sturdy, why not stick them to some cardboard? An old cereal box would do.

Dia de muerte mask download:  click here.

Irish Worker’s House

Designed by Pamela Sullivan

Pamela -our artist behind The Forgotten (an exhibition cross the city that shows lots of tiny porcelain houses) has deisgned an Irish Workers Cottage for you to make.

Cut out the two parts. Fold the dotten lines and glue where she has told you. Add the roof to the bottom piece and hey presto, there’s a little cottage!