This page links to the current work strands -or focuses- that Liverpool Irish Festival is pursuing at present, as well as ways audiences, artists and investors can engage in our work or support us.

Give or invest

Feeling generous? The Festival is the perfect place to donate if you want to support Irish arts and culture and progressive community work. Use this link to make a donation.

If you are a business and have an advertising budget or a corporate social responsibility allowance, the Festival could be a perfect solution for you. Click here for our Investor Pack, which provides a range of service and investment options. We have bespoke packages available, at various price points to suit every purse, from anonymous giving through to media partnerships and lead sponsor packages. If you are interested in speaking to us about these, please contact the festival director, using this link.

Annual theme

The annual theme for the Festival is usually announced at the outset of the Festival the year before, e.g., we were able to announce 2023’s theme “anniversary and reflection” at the launch of the 2022 Festival. It is predicted the following themes, in line with our Business Plan, will be:

  • 2023 Anniversary and reflections (20 years of the Liverpool Irish Festival)
  • 2024 Departures
  • 2025 Arrivals.

To find out more about how to engage in this year’s theme, please click on this link to read our artistic statement and creative call.

Prevailing interests

Year-to-year, there are a number of topics we keep returning to and maintain a special interest in. These are:

  • In:Visible Women – challenging female visibility, empowering more to speak, uncovering mixed-race stories
  • Nook and cranny spaces – identifying unusual and unexpected locations to present work in and share
  • Families, dual-heritage lives and identity
  • Liverpool Irish Famine Trail.

Watch out for new information on each of these as we develop online content for each.

Cultural Connectedness Exchange Network

In 2020, the Liverpool Irish Festival founded the Cultural Connectedness Exchange Network. This network is an unincorporated association of Irish and Northern Irish artists and creatives, cultural providers and commissioners this network collaborates for better representation. It has over 30 members, ranging from cultural organisations, individual artists and Embassy representatives. This is a free-to-join network, but members are expected to attend bi-monthly sessions, take on actions and support the network’s goals as they are identified. Find out more, here.

Representation and memberships

Being a publicly funded arts and culture organisation means being involved in city and national strategy, sector conversations and arts networks. Consequently, the Festival is a member of:

  • Baobab Foundatin
  • Creative Organisations of Liverpool (COoL)
  • Festival Forum (co-Chairs), the latter being a city region forum of c.30 festivals
  • What’s Next?
  • Irish In Britain
  • Northern Culture APPG
  • Events APPG
  • City task groups.