An Béal Bocht: A reflection (print exhibition)

An Béal Bocht: A reflection (print exhibition)

An Béal Bocht/The Poor Mouth was released as a short book in 1941, by Irish writer Flann O’Brien, also known as Miles Na gCopaleen. This is Deirdre’s reflection of that book.

Set in the fictitious Corca Dorcha, it is suspected this name is a play on the words Corca Dhuibhne meaning ‘Dingle Peninsula’, thus our bringing it to the Florrie, in the Dingle. Its strapline – “a bad story about the hard life” – is reflected on in both text and printed image, re-imagined by Irish artist Deirdre McKenna (Dingle, Co.Kerry). Highlighting some of the more farcical scenes from book – such as fishermen catching pigs in their nets; the man who went off to live with the seals and the shock a ray of sunshine brings in the midst of all the rain, this exhibit is an exercise in both printmaking and Irish language.

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19 October 2017-17 November 2017