Celtic Animation Film Festival

Celtic Animation Film Festival 18Oct

A programme of short animations, curated exclusively for the Liverpool Irish Festival.

Started at the Liverpool Irish Festival in 2017, the Celtic Animation Film Festival celebrates and encourages new and emerging Celtic and international animators to forge an ongoing global community to share practice, tell stories and reflect on Celtic culture and concerns.

It’s themes have tracked with the Festival’s, with awards for Best Celtic Animation Film, Best International Animation Film and Best Student Animation Film, judged by an industry and practitioner panel. In 2020, Directors Kate Corbin and Eleonora Asparuhova look back over their three year run to curate an evening of film, which bears witness to diaspora stories and contemporary approaches to animation. Join the watch party and social media Q&A that follows.

CAFF is volunteer led. Having done a little video editing for the Festival, Team LIF can testify to just how long video editing takes! It’s a lot. If you can contribute to their work in thanks for an incredible programme, please donate via Paypal to [email protected].


Following the sceening, the Audience Award wast voted on by viewers and has been won by Crossing to Ireland, created by Rachel Mcmahon and Jean Maskell. The Celtic Animation Film Festival award will be sent on to filmmakers soon. Thank you for voting and for supporting contemorary animation.

Still from Crossing to Ireland

NB – our CAFF screening was shown as a scheduled post, rather than a live stream, to ensure the fidelity of the film. Liverpool Irish Festival apologies unreservedly for any confusion. For licenceing and intellectual property reasons, it needed to be expire and can no longer be accessed.

This is an In:Visible Women marker. It shows this event continues our In:Visible Women work. These events are always open to everyone, but are female led and often contain stories pertinent to women. In:Visible Women began in 2016 and shows the Festival’s dedication to promoting equity and hearing from women who have, historically, been diminished by societal systems. This is a small contribution to making invisible women -and their stories- visible.

Image credit (top of the page) – detail from a still from Blue From Heaven.

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18 October 2020



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