Colm and Laura Keegan: Streamed

Colm and Laura Keegan: Streamed 24Oct

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances the date for this event has changed to Sat 24 Oct from Sat 17 Oct 2020.

This is an online broadcast and watch party of Colm and Laura Keegan: Live, allowing people from around the world to join in and celebrate their musical talents.

Virtual audiences are invited to shape live elements with interactive comments, which Colm and Laura will react and respond to.

Colm and Laura Keegan are international stars, running Scots-Irish castle tours and large music tours of the USA. Multi-award winning Irish singer and musician Colm Keegan is best known as one of the principal singers in PBS’s sensation show: Celtic Thunder, which led to him meeting his soon-to-be musical partner and wife, Glaswegian cellist Laura Durrant. Some might say a far cry from their days of personal invitations to play at the Pentagon, Colm and Laura join us to present an intimate live event diret to you at home.

This event is held in partnership with the Liverpool Irish Centre.

Tickets are available on StageIt, which requires you to create a log in. We recommend doing this ahead of the event to avoid any delays or disappointment. Proceeds go directly to the artists.

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24 October 2020



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