Cultural Connectedness Exchange #3

Cultural Connectedness Exchange #3 23Mar

Event recording from 23 March 2021:

(subtitles will be refreshed and updated before the end of the week). Please note, there are some sound glitches during the opening film, as people were admitted. Don’t adjust your set! These do pass.

Event information for 23 March meeting:

As part of the 2020 Liverpool Irish Festival, a Cultural Connectedness Exchange was held to introduce Irish and Northern Irish artists to Irish and Northern Irish cultural commissioners and providers (mainly in England), to determine

• the needs of Irish and Northern Irish artists (particularly those working in England or with England-based organisations)

• barriers they were facing post-Brexit and during Covid-19

• how cultural providers/commissioners could provide value/service in relation to Covid-19/Brexit.

This initial meeting has progressed to a (roughly) bi-monthly network meeting, which will advance ideas presented in this paper (LINK) and work together to create a positive, representational network that supports and promotes Irish and Northern Irish arts and Culture in England (and Britain more widely) using its membership.

We intend for this to become a valuable network to any Irish or Northern Irish artist wanting to work in public art delivery as well as to cultural providers and commissioners who focus -or could focus- on Irish and Northern Irish work.

The network is still young and welcomes new additions. If you need any further information, please contact the Liverpool Irish Festival Director, Emma Smith, on [email protected]

Future meeting dates are set for 25 May, 20 July, 26 Oct and 14 Dec 2021.

The last network session was held on 19 Jan 2021. The recording (including subtitles) of this event, is available here:

If you wish to download a  transcription of the subtitles, CCEN subtitles.

Use this link to watch Meeting #1.


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23 March 2021