Liverpool Family Ties: The Irish Connection (2pm)

Liverpool Family Ties: The Irish Connection (2pm) 01Feb

Liverpool Family Ties: The Irish Connection is a documentary about Irish women, filmed by Mersey-based artists and oral historians, John J. Campbell and Moira Kenny.

Known as The Sound Agents, John and Moira have been commissioned by Liverpool Irish Festival to document and celebrate dual-heritage stories told by women living in Liverpool.

Funded by the Irish Embassy, as part of their national St Brigid’s Day celebrations, having sprung from the Festival’s In:Visible Women programme (Oct 2019) the film hears stories from Black and Irish, Chinese and Irish and diaspora-Irish women living in the city.

The work premières on Saint Brigid’s Day celebrating the empowerment of women, their history and contribution to family life. We celebrate Ireland’s ‘second saint’ for her compassion towards the young, sailors and watermen, scholars and travellers. These concerns have such a resonance with modern issues that Brigid serves as a relevant role model for today.

The women’s stories are a start point for an exciting Liverpool Irish project, coming in 2020.

This event comprises a talk about the film, a film screening and a Q&A with The Sound Agents‘s Moira Kenny and Liverpool Irish Festival Director, Emma Smith. Please be aware, there is a second sceening (without talks and Q&A) at Bluecoat, the same day at 4pm. As with this event, tickets are free, but must be booked.

NB. The image used to promote this event is of Mr Kwok Fong and Mrs Elizabeth Fong (nee Gannon), provided by family member during the filming of the documentary. It features their first-born grandchild, Roma.

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This event has sold out. There is a rescreening (no talks) at 4pm.
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This event has sold out. There is a rescreening (no talks) at 4pm.


1 February 2020