Fion Gunn: Arrivals/Departures (exhibition)

Fion Gunn: Arrivals/Departures (exhibition)

Fion Gunn is a London-based Irish diaspora artist, who has focused on travel and belonging throughout her career.

Arrivals/Departures forms part of Gunn’s year-long residency (launched 31 March 2022) at University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies.

Having travelled to and worked in China frequently, Gunn has born witness to -and is an example of- the developing global trade of arts, culture and societies. Nevertheless, a key theme in Fion’s work is displacement; whether temporary and enriching or chronic and distressing. Perhaps, more than ever, the reality of living on the knife-edge of political and environmental catastrophe is being realised around the globe…

Gunn’s imagery incorporates the visual language of migration, conflict and generational trauma, asking “what does the experience of living mean for us as individuals and as a global society?”. As a port city, steeped in industrial history and migration, Liverpool is an ideal home for this body of work, which features ports acting as literal and metaphorical entrances and exits throughout Gunn’s portfolio.

From Cork to Shanghai, Dubai to Alexandria; Gunn explores what it means to travel, its impact on memory, its historical weight and travel’s power to heal or corrupt. Globalism -in terms of commercial trade and human experiential exchange- is central to these works.

With a portfolio spanning painting, collage, sculpture, immersive and physical installations, performance, AR trails and VR, Gunn’s practice is constantly evolving to match the ebbs and flows of her subject matter.

Gunn was born and raised in Cork; graduating from Crawford College of Art & Design before spending a post-graduate year at Ecole des Beaux-Arts Supérieure de Nancy. She has exhibited across Europe and China, securing multiple awards from Arts Council England, Arts Council Ireland and Culture Ireland.

Additional activities: Free Family Workshops

All workshops are led by local artist Pamela Sullivan, and are most suitable for children aged 4-11, but all ages and abilities are welcome. The workshops are free, no registration is required, just drop in during the times below (to the Victoria Gallery & Museum).

Saturday, 20 August 2022
Time: Drop in between 1pm and 4pm
Theme: Make your own jellyfish to take home! Link.

Saturday, 17 September 2022
Time: Drop in between 1pm and 4pm
Theme: We’re All in the Same Boat – Stories of migration.
Create your own boat and imagine the journeys you can make. Link.

Saturday, 22 October
Time: Drop in between 1pm and 4pm
Theme: What does home mean to you?
Inspired by exhibition Arrivals / Departures, explore the concept of ‘home’ and create your own ‘home’ using old maps. Link.

Saturday, 12 November
Time: Drop in between 1pm and 4pm
Theme: The Vast Seas.
Make your own sea creatures and celebrate the origin of life on this planet.

Victoria Gallery and Museum workshops may be added to across the exhibition period. Keep checking this link and looking for Arrivals/Departures to see new additions.

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Image credit: Fion Gunn, Endure.

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30 July 2022-23 December 2022

General times provided. See venue opening times for access.


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