As well as a gale or an argument, a ‘hooley’ is a big old Irish party with music, dancing and –most importantly- oodles of fun.

With live music, a warm Irish welcome and that Saturday Night vibe only a city centre location can bring, this is the best way of wrapping up a day at the festival, in the company like-minded party animals!

In a change to some listings, Wee Bag Band will headline. The Wee Bag Band‘s raison d’être is to bring mad, bad, trad, ‘didly’, popular and contemporary Irish/Celtic music and song to the masses at pubs, clubs, dos and festivals in North West, North Wales, the UK, infinity & beyond… They say of themselves “We must be hitting the notes in the right order as, to date, our music has taken us to many parts of the world including the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, USA, Cuba, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Honduras and even northern Greenland”. If there’s more info you’d like to glean, use these links: http://weebagband.co.uk/the-band/ and http://weebagband.co.uk/wiki/the-intangible/


This event is delivered in partnership with O’Neill’s (Wood Street) with support from the Culture Ireland GB18 programme.

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20 October 2018-21 October 2018

1.30am will be the last call for drinks


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