IndieCork: The Dark Green Horror

IndieCork: The Dark Green Horror 20Oct

IndieCork Film Festival is a platform for new and emerging filmmaking talent.

As the years go by, we have found these programmes to be a useful showcase in which to hear from emerging Irish voices. This night demonstrates the wealth of skill in Irish shorts filmmaking and the current preoccupations of the makers.

Dark Green is a programme of new Irish horror shorts from the home of Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula. This is an entertaining and eerie programme, ranging from traditional gothic horror to the use of horror tropes in expressing contemporary anxieties, such as sexuality. There’s a scary take on the Irish wake and, of course, we include comic treatments of the genre – vegetarian zombies anyone? Sure to be a fascinating, if slightly bumpy, night. The programme is introduced by Mick Hannigan of the IndieCork Film Festival, an annual showcase of emerging Irish voices in cinema.

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20 October 2019



The Box at FACT
88 Wood Street

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