IrelandXO at #LIF2020

IrelandXO at #LIF2020 24Oct

Join a live webinar to learn about some interesting historical characters from Liverpool’s Irish Diaspora.

With roughly 50% of Liverpool’s population having Irish ancestry, that’s quite a pool to draw from.

Using the XO Chronicles to learn about some fascinating Irish Liverpudlians and their connection with Ireland, we will also discuss the close relationship between Liverpool and Ireland and the connection has shaped our customs, cultures and languages, throughout history. The XO Chronicles are a free feature on the website. It works by enabling all people of Irish ancestry, both in Ireland and around the world, to add to the heritage of every Irish locality by recording what they know about our ancestors, the places they lived in and the events that shaped their lives.

Travel may be off the cards right now, but we can still connect our Global Irish Communities and learn about our shared ancestry, especially the special bond between Ireland and Liverpool. The Webinar will run for 30 minutes on Zoom.

This event was recorded. You can see the session below.

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24 October 2020



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