Irish Famine Memorial

Irish Famine Memorial 23Oct

Over the last couple of years, Liverpool Irish Festival has been working on revitalising the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail.

Today, the Liverpool Great Hunger Commemoration Committee and Liverpool Irish Centre, in partnership with the Festival, lead a Famine Memorial Service to mark 175-years since the start of the seven-years of Famine in Ireland, lasting 1847-1852. There will be speeches and readings at the memorial ground.

Everyone is welcome. However, we would note that this event will not feature any electronic audio-visual equipment. We recommend dressing for the weather and bringing seats or walking aids as required. This is a standing service of roughly 30-minutes. People may gather in advance of the service.

This event contributes to the Festival’s Family, Nook and Cranny Spaces and Heritage strands of work.

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23 October 2022

1:30-2pm; meet at the Irish Famine Memorial in St Luke's Church.


St Luke’s (Bombed-Out) Church
St Luke's Church

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