It’s The Travelling Life – Private View

It's The Travelling Life - Private View 18Oct

This private view gives you a first glimpse of this extraordinary exhibition, which offers a unique insight in to the domestic life of contemporary Liverpool Irish Travellers.

It uses work made by the community, supported by work from internationally acclaimed, American photographer Jona Frank (High School, Right, The Modern Kids).

Irish Travellers have been residents of the UK for centuries. Afforded distinct ethnic minority status in 2000, Irish Travellers have often been misrepresented and maligned in the media. Rarely is an authentic internal voice from within the community heard in its own right, and even more infrequently from women. This exhibit provides space for these voices to be heard beyond the usual confines.

Jona Frank’s imagery, taken in Tallaght (near Dublin) in the 1990s, served as a catalyst to explore one of Liverpool’s Irish Traveller communities, providing an ‘historic’ backdrop to compare and contrast the visual representations the community make of themselves today, from a location they have occupied for over 40 years.

Focussing on the domestic, these images show what home life looks like and reveal some of the day-today preoccupations of contemporary Irish Travellers. More information about this project will follow in ou news pages.

The exhibition will take place in two locations. The first opens at The Brink as part of The Art of Falling Apart as part of the Liverpool Mental Health Festival, the second at George Henry Lee’s as part of #LIF2018. Check for updates

The Brink private view will take place from 4pm-5.30pm, Thurs 11 Oct 2018. The George Henry Lee’s private view is listed in our events.

It’s the Travelling Life is a collaboration between Liverpool Irish Festival, Irish Community Care, the Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and the Irish Traveller community. Delivered as part of the Liverpool Mental Health Festival and Liverpool Irish Festival it has received project funding from Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England and Liverpool City Council. It is presented in partnership with The Brink, Art In Liverpool and IB18.

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18 October 2018


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