Jack Byrne – A Revolutionary Century: The Irish in Liverpool in Fact and Fiction

Jack Byrne - A Revolutionary Century: The Irish in Liverpool in Fact and Fiction 25Oct

Recording of 25 Oct 2021: A Revolutionary Century

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Join authors Greg Queiry and Jack Byrne for a conversation about the image -and reality- of the Irish Community in Liverpool.

Using their publications as reference, they’ll discuss the myths and reality of the city nicknamed ‘Ireland’s second capital’.

Greg’s history book, In Hardship and Hope (G&K Publishing, 2017), charts the earliest development of the Irish in Liverpool; through the traumatic famine-period, up to modern times. As the organiser of many walking tours, a poet and teacher, Greg brings an expertise in history, especially of Liverpool’s north end communities. Jack Byrne’s fictional novel, Under The Bridge (Northodox Press, 2021) takes its starting point as the post-WW2 wave of emigration from Ireland to the UK, as well as his lived-experience of a ‘Catholic not Irish’ upbringing in Speke.

From the Kimmage ‘brigade’ Garrison in the 1916 rising, to Brendan’s Behan’s arrival in Liverpool; through the difficult period of the ‘Troubles’, Liverpool -the city- and the island of Ireland have always been connected. Whatever your connection to the Irish experience or Liverpool, this conversation promises to be interesting and informative.

This event is partnered with The Liverpool Literacy Agency and #2021LiverpoolWrites.


The talk will be broadcast on YouTube (search for the Liverpool Irish Festival channel), which requires no tickets. If you would like to be part of the live Zoom transmission, and take part in the online Q&A, you will need to book. Ticket numbers are limited. Once you have booked, Eventbrite (the booking system) will send you all the necessary links to gain access to the event on the evening.

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25 October 2021

6pm start.



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