Liverpool Lambs: listening party

Liverpool Lambs: listening party 17Oct

Please note: the listening party for this production has moved to Sat 17 Oct from Sat 24 Oct. we are sorry for any confusion this may cause.

Liverpool Lambs is a play written by Liverpool Irish pals Peter King and Steve Nolan.

Performed in 2016 at The Unity and The Liverpool Irish Centre (as part of the Liverpool Irish Festival). The duo told the story of 50 Liverpool volunteers involved in the Dublin Easter Rising 1916, three of whom were Peter’s relatives. In 2019 the Liverpool Irish Festival introduced the authors to theatre company Falling Doors Theatre in the hope of mounting a touring version of the play, to premier at #LIF2020, before carrying on across the UK and Ireland. Sadly, this was not to be. However, undeterred, they’re bringing you a podcast with insight into the writing of the play, the origins of the story and what to look forward to.

The King Brothers were raised in Kirkdale, by parents John and Mary who relocated from Blackwater (County Wexford, Ireland). Prior to WW1, the brothers enlisted in the Irish Republican Brotherhood, a secret organisation working with the Volunteer Movement, beside many volunteers from the Liverpool branch. The play follows their journey to the deadly uprising in Dublin.

Image credit: Featured image (top right) is courtesy of the Wexford County Archive. Picture below from the King family.

The podcast is available to listen to here:

However, the Liverpool Lambs team will form a listening party on Facebook, when we release a link at 8pm on Sat 17 Oct 2020, in which you can ask questions and pass on thoughts or memories. Please do join us there for a shared experience.

Thsi podcast has been made using the volunteer time and dedication of Falling Doors Theatre and Liverpool Lamb‘s writers, Peter King and Steve Nolan. If you are able to make a donation towards the Liverpool Lambs project, it would greatly appreciated.

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17 October 2020



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