Looking at Past Times Today

Old House, Kerry (c) Kieran Murray, May 2006
Looking at Past Times Today 27Oct

Kieran Murray’s photography evokes nostalgia from the off.

The rich palette of worn colours; the textures of paint, rust and plaster, take us to a time way back in -or slightly before- our memory, where things are familiar, but distressed; recognisable, but transforming. His affection for the subject seeps in to the work and we find ourselves clamouring to find a memory we can attach to that ewer, that horseshoe or that Christmas envelope. Here, Kieran helps us explore the world he is showing us in his images, by talking through some of the digital exhibition images and taking us thorough his image finding and story building.

This is a live online event, hosted on Zoom. People will book via an Eventbrite link (available here shortly) and Zoom details will be sent closer to the date with links to join. Zoom is free to use, but users will have to have downloaded and installed the software ahead of the event.

This event contributes to the Festival’s Family and Heritage work strands. ❤️🔱

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27 October 2022



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