Meet the Maker: Laura Matikaite

Meet the Maker: Laura Matikaite 21Oct

Laura Matikaite is the selected artist for this year’s In The Window, a month long exhibition of work, shown ‘in the window’ at Bluecoat Display Centre.

Join Laura and the Bluecoat Display Centre, in their gallery, for an informal conversation about Laura’s Lithuanian-Irish background and emerging ceramics talent.

Laura’s ceramic vessels explore the versatility of clay and ideas of duality – juxtaposing polychromatic collections with monochromatic versions. Consumed by one palette for a time, Laura grows to miss the other, switching between the two as her hunger demands.

This event is free to attend.
Please book your place by calling us on +44 (0) 151 709 4014 or via email at [email protected]

“My work goes through a cycle, in which, after a season of monochrome, monotone, creating surfaces on the spectrum of Black to White, I hunger for colour, and this sparks a new range or multitoned, coloured and playful ceramic work.

“Before long feeding back into the sophistication and elegant simplicity of monotone. Allowing the form to say something else.

“Colour has the ability to create a mood, I use this to my advantage when creating a body of work, that refuels the making process.

“It is through a balance of expressing developed design ideas and creative intuition that I absorb the nutritious versatility of clay and glaze chemistry.” – Laura Matikaite

Laura’s work is currently on display ‘In the Window’ on College Lane throughout October. A selection of her work will also be available to purchase via the Bluecoat Display Centre‘s online shop soon.

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21 October 2022


Bluecoat Display Centre
50-51 College Lane
L1 3BZ