In the Window: Michael Murphy

Delicate wooden bowls and vase-like objects in browns and golds by Michael Murphy.
Sculptural objects in wood by Michael Murphy
In the Window: Michael Murphy

As part of Liverpool Irish Festival 2024, the artist Michael Murphy will display his work at Bluecoat Display Centre.

Michael’s practice is rooted in the use of traditional tooling to produce modern and innovative forms in both furniture and sculpture. His current body of work aims to immortalise Ash trees in sculpture, exploring the limits of their form, having them drift into a liminal space between existence and non-existence, which is the state of their species. The works have a sense of ritual about them, the artist likes to think of himself as exhuming the tree, gathering up it’s limbs and allowing them to be reborn as tactile objects.


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1 October 2024-31 October 2024
All Day

The works are displayed as part of the In the Window series at Bluecoat Display Centre.


Bluecoat Display Centre
50-51 College Lane
L1 3BZ