Museum of Liverpool – self-guided Irish trail

Museum of Liverpool - self-guided Irish trail

For families wanting to find our about Irishness in Liverpool, the Museum of Liverpool‘s self-guided tour may be just the thing!

The trail considers

  • the Calderstons spiral
  • the Great Port
  • Liverpool’s Irish battalion
  • the Overhead Railway
  • Liverpool Irish Centre
  • David Jacques’s Irish Emigrants Entering Liverpool (painting)
  • religion discrimination (The Other, film)
  • court housing
  • Kitty Wilkison and James Larkin.

Click here to download a PDF to print out and take with you (or collect one from the information desk on the ground floor).

First uploaded for 2020. Reuploaded following Museum update: 22 March 2023.


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8 November 2023-1 September 2035


Museum of Liverpool
Pier Head
L3 1DG