Social hub and materials library

Everyman and Playouhse logo (e&p in a circle)
Everyman and Playouhse logo (e&p in a circle)
Social hub and materials library

Mon-Sat we are partnering with our friends at Everyman to provide a social space for festival visitors to drop-in, hold small discussion groups and seisiúns (sessions).

Drawing on conviviality we welcome you to enjoy the fully accessible space; free wifi; drinks and food menus and get talking to one another on one of the most historic streets in the city. Here you will find a small materials library in which you can delve in to news, literature and contemporary zines, so draw up a chair and ponder! Straddling space between the Catholic and Protestant cathedrals, Everyman is the ideal cultural hot spot to enjoy a festival brochure, pick up a bite to eat or enjoy some of the ad hoc and experimental performances we will pepper the time with. Come on! Join us!

Social seisiún platlist PDF available.

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13 October 2016-22 October 2016


Liverpool Everyman
Hope Street
L1 9BH

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