The Forgotten: a guerilla exhibition by Pamela Sullivan

The Forgotten: a guerilla exhibition by Pamela Sullivan

In this series of miniature works, Pamela explores the forgotten people of Ireland, recreating landscapes within Merseyside’s urban jungle.

Guerilla exhibition

Pamela has always preferred unusual venues. She has exhibited all over the northwest; in derelict buildings, empty spaces, empty shops, building sites. For #LIF2022 She has created trails of artworks in trees, under benches, on walls and all over Liverpool town centre, especially in sites close to points of interest on the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail, as well as some Festival venues. She leaves art works for people to find and take home, as well as artwork attached to buildings for people to map and record on social media. Readers will need to look out… If you find one, you should take a photo, load it to social media and tag in @LivIrishFest and hashtag #LIF2022home. As Pamela builds her trail, we will expand the online exhibition.

Questions raised

Pamela’s work focusses on ‘the Forgotten’. Keep your eyes peeled at Festival venues -and across the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail– to see if you can find any of Pamela’s work. Though diminutive in scale, the impact is monumental. Her transported spaces imply abandonment and displacement. When you see them, think about how they make you feel; how they relate to world and what you can do to protect them. You might consider the work’s isolation, vulnerability and endangered status; do these former homes remind you of people and the way they can be cast from countries by forces quite out of their control? How do you help? What is your role? Pamela’s work asks all these questions and many more besides.

Look out for some pieces by Pamela at The Williamson Art Gallery (sharing space withour Sweeney’s Unquiet Island’s exhibition), Museum of Liverpool (on our Family Day), Liverpool Irish Famine Trail sites and other festival venues. To follow Pamela, visit Facebook @pamela.sullivan.547

Online views

During the Festival, we will build a series of images up below. Keep checking back to see new houses in new locations.


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20 October 2022-30 October 2022

Public space pieces will be available 24/7 during the Festival. Venues will be subject to public opening times.


The Williamson Art Gallery
Slatey Road
CH43 4UE

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