The Irish History Podcast

The Irish History Podcast 24Oct

Over the last two centuries, the histories of Ireland and Merseyside have become inextricably linked through the port of Liverpool.

During the nineteenth century, millions of Irish emigrants passed through the port while hundreds of thousands made the city their home.

On Merseyside, Irish history has become interwoven with the histories of countries and communities across the globe who also settled in the city. In this podcast, recorded in front of a live Festival audience, Irish historian and creator of The Irish History Podcast (, Fin Dwyer, will talk to local people about their family histories, which embody these fascinating links between Liverpool, Ireland and the wider world.

The event is held in partnership with The Irish History Podcast. Look out for its broadcast later in the year.


We are proud to state this event is linked with Black History Month and the Cuture Liverpool programme.

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24 October 2021



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