The Morning After the Life Before

The Morning After the Life Before 20Oct

A groggy Sunday morning.

It’s 24 May 2015 and 62% of Ireland is #hungoverforequality. Ann gets a text from her brother, which brings the image of a new Ireland into sharp focus: “How’s the morning after the life before?”. A personal, entertaining tale of weddings, ‘coming out’ and arguments over who takes out the bins, this play is a celebration of a unique historical moment when Ireland became the first country, in the world, to support marriage equality by popular vote. Be prepared for music, cake and equality.


Gúna Nua presents the internationally acclaimed and multi award-winning The Morning After The Life Before, with ‘Best of Fringe’ awards from London Ontario and Montreal. The event is presented with support from the Culture Ireland GB18 programme and Arts Council England

For a perfect evening of theatre, also book for Baggage at 7pm.

Image (c) Ken Colman; detail only.

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20 October 2018

End time is estimated, not definitive!


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