unheard from

Manon McCoy plays harp, linked to electrical relay equipment.
unheard from

The original event was a drop-in live performance (beginning at 3pm on Fri 21 Oct) that allowed people to stay for as long or little time as preferred.

The performance lasted for roughly 120 mins. From Mon 24 Oct, a recording will be available (here),  which can be accessed virtually to accompany site visits.

Sound and space

An immersive sound installation featuring harp, vocals and live processing, unheard from is performed by composer Manon McCoy. This collaboration with Sweeney’s Unquiet Islands -Martin McCoy’s print exhibition- explores through sound the representation of landscape within the prints. unheard from responds to the textures, layers and movement found within the etchings and monotypes. Manon uses them as a lens through which to access the acoustic environments of these landscapes. The performance is built from drone-based textures; ambient found sounds; harp and vocal effects conjuring a sound world in which these images exist.

The installation involves spatialisation of sounds, interacting directly with the acoustics of the gallery space. The audience are invited to move through and explore the space of the piece. They choose where they are drawn to stand and by extension how they want to perceive the space.


Daughter of the artist, as well as a classically trained (Royal Northern College of Music) experimental harpist and vocalist, Manon has a background in traditional Irish music. Additionally, Manon has since studied genres; including improvised music, contemporary Jazz, Hindustani classical music and recently electronics and live processing.

Manon’s compositional work focuses on presenting personal experiences of the body, community, environment, womanhood, the experience of time and physical space. Through collaborative projects -involving interactions across art forms- she aims to actively explore creative solutions to shifting social environments; representing and acting for social change.

Manon is particularly interested in the uses of spaces, musical and physical, often designing pieces that rework performer-audience dynamics. She creates site-specific sound installations that explore the acoustic environments of her location. Doing so layers the compositions with a strong sense of storytelling and space sharing.

This event contributes to the Festival’s In:Visible Women, Family and Nook and Cranny Spaces work strands. ♀️❤️📍

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21 October 2022-19 November 2022


The Williamson Art Gallery
Slatey Road
CH43 4UE

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