Can you help us support the Festival charity and its artists by making a gift or using one of the other services (below) to help us?

Have you enjoyed something at the Festival that you think is worth a reward or the value of a standard event ticket? Every donation helps. Since the pandemic, charities have witnessed devastating losses across income streams. In spite of this, we have done our best to develop a positive and exciting Festival.

Our Festival is a publicly funded charity (number 1100126). We strive to keep access to our events free or heavily subsidised, whilst we support artists and communities across the year. Any income is a help to us and means we can dedicate resources to showing off more of Ireland’s creativity and engaging communities in exciting and high quality work.

The Festival’s Artistic Director and CEO says: “Fundraising has never been harder, with so many worthy causes to consider. The pandemic hit everyone hard and the cost-of-living crisis has worsened already strained systems, funds and generosity. Purse strings have tightened. Anythign you or your company can do to assist the Festival will support artsts and audiences engage in Irish creativity at a time when we need those connections most”.

Coronavirus affected our ability to arrange and host events for four reasons:

  • social distancing
  • arts funding (we received 35% less arts funding in 2020 compared to 2019); in the years since competition for existing funds has risen exponentially
  • sponsorship, advertising and ticket sales (we lost 98% of 2020’s advertsising income compared with 2019)
  • in 2023, we are still only seeing c.70% attendances in our sector.

Anything you can do to support us will help our work and benefit the charity (number 1100126) in to next year. We -the Artistic Director and Board – thank you in advance for your kind donations.

Charities Aid Foundation giving

The button below takes you through to our Charities Aid Foundarion (CAF) link. Using this link allows CAF to process Gift Aid (Governmebt reclaimed money for charity investment) on our befalf, which means more money for the Festival than you give ‘in person’.

Alternative link.

One off paypal donation…

PayPal will not process Gift Aid for us. If you are not able to add Gift Aid –or prefer to give using PayPal (CAF also provides a PayPal option)- you may use the buttons below.

URL to Paypal donation link, use QR code below or hit the donate button.




Thank you!

Your donations are greatly appreciated. All funds continue our work with artists and communities, bringing Liverpool and Ireland closer together using arts and culture.