#GlobalGreening 2020

Tourism Ireland’s #GlobalGreening has taken place for 10 years. 2020 is its eleventh celebration and marks LIF‘s third year of consecutive involvement. We work with city partners to organise it and thank each of them for their support.

What’s LIF got to do with it?

We are the key driver of the event in Liverpool. The Festival engages with the idea as it allows Liverpool to celebrate Irish influence on Liverpool. With 50% of Liverpool’s population having Irish genealogy, this is an important acknowledgement. As an arts and culture organisation, linking with a visual, international programme -that crosses faith, politics, geography and economy- allows us to help tell a fascinating story.

By partnering with a mixture of civic and independent buildings, we use this visual happening to consider the scale and impact of the Irish diaspora and particularly their influence and personality within our city.

Meaning today

That a visual spectacle can take place -and be shared globally- without a need for mass congregation is resonant and important. That a celebration can take place that holds positive messages of inclusion can be shared -during times of difficulty- helps to counter the media stories of toilet roll fights and COVID-19.

As the globe turns and night descends across the time zones, green lights pop-up in celebration of their Irish diaspora populations. This year, the message is poignant as borders close, functions halt and celebrations are cut short. This international project, reminds us that the legacy of migration can be positive. It defies many of the negative media representations of mass movement. Each individual pinprick of light on the land mirrors a star in the night sky and suggests that there is a unity for people, however ever far flung they may feel.

Short film
Liverpool thanks

We’re excited that Liverpool has taken such a positive role in supporting the project and pleased to share all on the images on 17 March, St Patrick’s Day. Specifically we would like to thank:

  • FACT
  • Liver Building
  • Liverpool Central Library
  • Liverpool City Council and all at  Liverpool Town Hall
  • Liverpool Naval Club
  • MerseyTravel
  • Sefton Park Palm House
  • The Institute of Irish Studies and the School of Engineering at University of Liverpool
  • Wirral Council.

Thank you. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh go léir/ Greetings to you for a happy St Patricks day .