Lockdown Lights: Shenanigans Guinness takeaway

Shenanigans Liverpool is an independent Irish bar in Liverpool’s business district, known for its warm friendly welcome, quality drinks, live music and sports.

They are back open now, serving delicious food and beverages, including briliant breakfasts and takeaway drinks. You can book a table by DMing the team or emailing [email protected]. Follow their social media pages:

During lockdown, owner Connor McDonald realised just how much people were missing a pint and a chat so oped up The Talk Hatch, inviting people to bring their milk botttles and take away pints of Guinness, cider and other draft drinks. You can hear him here:



This was his quote: “Fáilte arais arís. Welcome back again to all our friends after lockdown. Delighted to say we are now open again and look forward to seeing you! During lockdown we opened our Talk Hatch which proved very popular particularly for people living in and around the city centre, young students and older people alike. People enjoyed that little taste of ‘home’, the chance to have a chat, (socially distanced of course), discuss their worries, find out what’s going on, pick up a copy of the CARA Newsletter, enjoy some good food and a lovely ‘takeaway’ Guinness in a milk bottle.

“The Talk Hatch became a focal point that kept the community spirits up”, Conor Mc Donald.

Lockdown Lights is an open source project, collecting community stories about people’s experience of the lockdown during the 2020 Coronavirus restrictions. The project was funded by the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme Covid-19 relief fund. We would like to thank all the participants and the Irish Government for their support.