St Patrick’s Day poem

Sefon Park Palm House, lit green for #GlobalGreening - a St Patrick's Day event
Sefon Park Palm House, lit green for #GlobalGreening - a St Patrick's Day event

Annually, Liverpool Irish Festival celebrates St Patrick’s Day across Merseyside with #GlobalGreening.

This visual gesture -from our civic and cultural buildings and landmarks- extends a welcoming glow to the Irish disapora, as the world spins on its axis. Individually this may not seem a lot, but collectively it is a grand gesture.

Every year we are involved in networks; meeting people from across the world that are reflecting on Ireland and Irishness. We talk about how Ireland represents many migratory stories; echoing the news of those being displaced today. We also talk about what it means to be far from home.

This year, Romanian writer, scientist and environmentalist Cristina Michailovici contacted us with a poem dedicated to her thoughts on Ireland, which we thought we would share with you. Asked why she wrote it, Cristina said “I think my poem -dedicated to this special and historical day- [reflects] my faith in trust, hope, love and a green and healthy planet for future generations”.

Shamrock wreath

I read a book with golden dreams
It’s pages that open eye minds
Are taking me to all green fields
From this old planet that survives.

Imagine green shamrocks around
A wreath of faith, hope and huge love
Carried by happy kids, talking about
Kindness, support, and a white dove.

All people who believe in trust,
Breathing clean air from histories
Are painting green all World petals
Which will renew good memories.

I close the book with golden dreams,
With million spirits and deep mystery,
And wrapping it with all green leaves,
As gift for generations writing history.”

©️ Cristina-Steliana Mihailovici.

Born in Romania, Cristina has been writing and publishing since she was just 12-years-old. Her work has been published in anthologies and cultural magazines in three different languages around the world.
Cristina is passionate  about nature, shipping and the marine environment; being a lecturer and a researcher in maritime, climate and sustainability, around the world. A writer of educational stories, Cristina’s most recent story book Little Globy, the Recycling Superhero and the Plastic Ogre is dedicated to environmental protection and has been co-authored with her daughter Nicole Noelia Mihailovici.
Cristina and Liverpool Irish Festival are collaborators with Liverpool CIty Council’s #LiverpoolLiteracyCycle #LiverpoolReads #LiverpoolWrites Find out more on Facebook, using this link.