Leaf on Bold Street


65-67 Bold Street
L1 4EZ


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Leaf on Bold Street is a unique, independent teashop and bar located in the heart of Liverpool city centre.

With hundreds of varieties of tea on offer, delicious menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all that’s inbeween, plus a great atmosphere, Leaf is a a truly versatile day and night time venue. Leaf on Bold Street also presents a variety of events, including art, music and club nights and vintage fairs, in a distinctive setting, meaning it’s one of the most unique and buzzing venues in Liverpool.

65-67 Bold Street, Liverpool. +44 (0) 707 7747

W: https://www.thisisleaf.co.uk/bold-st-menu
F: @LEAFonBoldSt
T: @leafonboldst

Bus route 82 drops on Renshaw Street, directly outside the steps of the St Luke’s Church. 75, 86A, 86C and 86 Q all drop on Leece Street, opposite the Church gardens. With your back to the Church, looking downhill is Bold Street. You are short walk from Leaf, which is on the right-hand side.

Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/s1ecEbKzsXEaVHj6A

Closest train station Liverpool Central

Walk from Lime Street 9-minutes, using Lime Street to Renshaw Street, turning right on Heathfield Street and left on to Bold Street

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Upcoming Events

Two Plays: <em>A Bolt from d'Blue</em> and <em>For The Love of Mary</em> 24Oct

Two Plays: A Bolt from d’Blue and For The Love of Mary

We have a brilliant theatre pairing for you, here. Two plays: A Bolt from d’Blue and For the Love of Mary are both single-hander pieces, of roughly an hour, performed by their writers.

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<em>Brandies Band</em> and <em>Factor 7</em>: Yeats To Music 29Oct

Brandies Band and Factor 7: Yeats To Music

Sparkling voices, bright melodies and WB Yeats’s greatest poems; they all come together in ‘Yeats to Music’.

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