“What I love about the Liverpool Irish Festival”…

October approaches quickly every year, but here at HQ (in early September), we are looking forward to delivering all of our incredible events.

Out of the blue, we were reminded -by local filmmaker John Ramsden- of the great work he did for us, collecting audience memories on why people love the Liverpool Irish Festival and we though we ought to share this with you all (you might be in it!).

If you have an event that you would like to document, John is an all out star. You can reach him using any of the following methods:

+44(0)7896 992 975
Not only can he film and document your event, but he can also use film you have taken and edit it in to something usable, credited/subtitled and professional.
We want to thank John for his work on this, which he has donated to the Festival in support of its work. We are hugely grateful and love the end result – thanks, John!