Burning Wheel: Album launch

Burning Wheel: Album launch 28Oct

Promising to be a very special occasion, we welcome Burning Wheel home just as they release their debut album Remembrance Songs, recorded with renowned producer Gerry Diver.

Band Members Eoin Quiery (vocals/guitar), Nessan Quiery (banjo) and Liam Crosby (fiddle) were born and raised in the Liverpool Irish community and have frequently played at the festival since it began.  The band’s musical and lyrical themes explore the unique links between Liverpool and Ireland in a thrilling, high-octane blend of Irish folk, Mersey-melodica and psychedelic post-rock noise.

Their intense live shows move from plaintive Dylan-folk to hypnotic and danceable country-soul, accompanied by Flaming Lips style pyro-technics.

Free, just turn up
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Free, just turn up


28 October 2017


The Caledonia
22 Caldonia Street
L7 7DX