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Brave Maeve cover of our Festival Review 2023.Festival Review 2023

Each year, Liverpool Irish Festival reviews its work of the previous year to keep ourselves up to date, relevant and accountable. 2023’s anniversary year was pretty incredile, given we had over 45,000 visitors over 57 events and exhibitions.

An early version of this year’s review is available here, though we are still waiting to formally approve it, so please treat this as being subject to change and provided in good faith that we’re being as transparent as we can be. A compressed copy is available, but at over 3MB it’s still big, so be careful what you are downloading it on or to.

Festival Review2022 coverFestival Review 2022

2022 was a stellar year for the Festival, coming out of COVID-recovery measures and attracting over 40,000 visitors to 69 events and exhibitions.

You can download your (compressed PDF) copy of the Review here. Be warned though, it is still 3MB!


Festival Review 2021

If you would prefer to download an A4 PDF version you can do so here.

Festival Review 2020

Clicking the Issuu link above will allow you to scroll through an online ‘magazine’ version of the Review, however, tables and figures don’t present very well in the onscreen version. If you prefer, you can download a PDF of Festival Review 2020, here.

Previous Festival Reviews  (from 2016)

Since 2016, the Liverpool Irish Festival has written an in depth review of the year before (an annual report, if you will). The review focusses on the reach, range and experience its work provides. It has become a critical tool for understanding our workand weak points. Whilst we are extremely proud of our work, we know there is more to learn. This helps us do that.

For instance, in 2019 we connected with over 35,000 people and in 2018, we reached 32 of 40 residential post codes in Liverpool. Which are the eight missing and how can we address this? Why do we attract more women than men and is this bad thing? We managed a press reach of over 20m for two years, which dropped in 2020 – how and why?

Front covers of Festival Reviews
Front covers of Festival Reviews

If you would like to discuss anything from any of our Festival Reviews, please contact us on [email protected]