Conflict, Diaspora and Empire

Michael Collins in Irish Free State uniform.
Conflict, Diaspora and Empire 25Oct

Irish nationalism in Liverpool, 1912-1922.

The actions of Irish nationalists in Britain are often characterised as a ‘sideshow’ to the revolutionary events in Ireland, between 1912 and 1922. This original study argues, conversely, that Irish nationalism in Britain was integral to contemporary Irish and British assessments of the Irish Revolution, between the Third Home Rule Bill and The Anglo-Irish Treaty.

In this centenary lecture, Dr. Darragh Gannon charts the development of Irish nationalism across the Irish Sea -over the course of a historic decade in United Kingdom history– from constitutional crisis, to war and revolution.

Taking Liverpool as its focus, this lecture documents successive Home Rule and IRA campaigns, coordinated by John Redmond and Michael Collins respectively, and examines the mobilisation of Irish migrant communities in Britain in response to major political crises, from the Ulster crisis to the First World War. The Irish Revolution, this study concludes, was defined by political conflicts, and cultures, across the Irish Sea.

Dr Darragh Gannon is Head of Irish Studies at University College Dublin.

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This event was streamed to YouTube and can be seen below. Additionally, Darragh shared his PowerPoint presentation, which can be downloaded here.


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25 October 2023

11am, Wed 25 Oct.