Fréa: Redressing Irish Church and State institutions

Misplaced children's shoes (faded photograph).
<em>Fréa</em>: Redressing Irish Church and State institutions 27Oct

From the Irish State’s foundation (1922), until 1998, Mother and Baby and County Homes existed across Ireland.


Institutions -designed to accommodate single mothers, pregnant women or those risking destitution- became places of neglect, degradation, suffering and loneliness. Significantly, rates of infant mortality outstripped those of the wider population.

Following the discovery of the remains of 796 children, illegally buried on the site of the Bonn Secours Home in Tuam (County Galway) -and campaigns from former residents of the homes- a Commission of Investigation was established by the Irish Government. This was followed by the enactment of several pieces of legislation, aimed at responding to former residents’ experiences.


It’s believed 38,000 people will be eligible to access these schemes. Additionally, it’s estimated 40% of these live in Britain.

  • With today’s legislation in place, what effects are the systems having?
  • What were the experiences of former residents and how are they being addressed?
  • Where can people access the schemes or gain help to access them?

During our online event, Fréa will explore former resident experiences and share the Government’s response. The event will help people understand how they access these systems and ways they can advocate for former residents.


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The transcripts of the testimonials read at this event can be downloaded here.

The event can be watched below:


Support service details provided in the chat:

Fréa (North of England)
Patrick Rodgers
Mob: 07432 138682
Email: [email protected]
Ciarán Connolly
Mob: 07732901782
Email: [email protected]
Natalie Hughes-Crean
Mob: 07849835841
Email: [email protected]

For help and support if you live in different regions of Britain contact:
Survivor Service
London Irish Centre
Katie Doyle 07947111493
Séan Kaluarachchi
0800 519 5519

Coventry Irish Society Midlands
Irish Survivors Service
Rachel Nally
0247 625 6629

ICAP is the only specialist British-based counselling and psychotherapy service supporting people from the Irish community facing a range of emotional issues,
including depression, anxiety and stress. Helpline: +44 (0) 207 272 7906.

Connect Counselling
An anonymous professional telephone counselling service for survivors of
physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Freephone in the UK and Northern Ireland +44 (0) 800 477 477 77.

The Samaritans
The Samaritans offer a non-judgmental listening service, whatever you are going through. Call free, 24/7 in the UK, on 116 123.

Sexual Violence Support (North West)
A service to help locate the relevant support services for those who have suffered sexual violence across the North West. 0800500222

The Survivors Trust
The Survivors Trust has 120 member organisations based in the UK and Ireland which provide specialist support for women, men & children who have survived rape, sexual violence or childhood sexual abuse
08088 010818

Tuam Home Survivors Network
Survivors helping survivors.
[email protected]

We Are Survivors
Welcome to We Are Survivors, a survivor focused voluntary sector organisation that aims to create and facilitate safe spaces for male (including trans and non-binary individuals) survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation across Greater Manchester
0808 500 2222

Historical Institutional abuse apology

Further information

Final report on the commission

Click here to visit the report pages.

Embassy notice

On 4 Sept 2023, Liverpool Irish Festival received a notification from the Embassy of Ireland about a consultation concerning the National Centre for Research and Remembrance. Consultation opened earlier in the year and will last until 15 Sept 2023. More information on the Centre, the steering committee and consultation can be found here.

Tuam Oral History project

In 2021, we held an In:Visible Women day, focussed on the Tuam Oral Hsitory Project. Recordings of the sessions can be seen, here.

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27 October 2023

1pm-2pm and possibly a little later.



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