In the Window: Laura Matikaite

In the Window: Laura Matikaite

In the Window is an exceptional opportunity for a maker to show at one of Britain’s best loved display centres for an entire month.

Continuing our annual partnership, Bluecoat Display Centre, Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) and Liverpool Irish Festival collaborated as a panel, to select a talented maker, to show throughout October, coinciding with the Festival.

This year, the winning artist is Lithuanian-Irish artist, Laura Matikaite, whose ceramic series juxtapose polychromatic collections with monochromatic versions. Consumed by one palette for a time, Laura grows to miss the other, switching between the two as her hunger demands.

This exhibition is run in partnership with Bluecoat Display Centre, with support from Design and Craft Council of Ireland.

Standby for an interesting article with Laura on the work she does, her process and what ‘hunger’ means to her.

For more now, visit the Bluecoat Display Centre‘s site.

Festival work strands this sits within, include In:Visible Women and Family. ♀️❤️

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1 October 2022-31 October 2022

Open during venue opening hours.


Bluecoat Display Centre
50-51 College Lane
L1 3BZ

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