In the Window: Sophie Longwill (exhibition)

In the Window: Sophie Longwill (exhibition)

Continuing our annual In the Window partnership, the Bluecoat Display Centre, Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) and Liverpool Irish Festival selected emerging glass talent Sophie Longwill as the 2021featured artist.

This year’s ‘exchange’ brief provided one of the largest responses to our open call, set against the backdrop of Covid-19. What made Sophie’s work notable, was her exchange with Liverpool -via her sister- and this is embodied in the work. Below, Sophie explores the relationship between optical input and translation; materials and meaning; experience and storytelling. In her words, we travel to the heart of Sophie’s fragile work; it’s delicate, but fierce processes and the resulting representations that blend the ephemeral and untouchable with the creation of recognisable, tangible skies. In talking about the work, we visit her relationship with time and experience, central to many makers’ ability to bend materials to harness and communicate ideas.

This exhibition is run in partnership with Bluecoat Display Centre, with support from Design and Craft Council of Ireland.


Look at the short interview Sam Rhodes (Bluecoat Display Centre) has run with artist Sophie Longwill:

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1 October 2021-31 October 2021

Open during gallery hours.


Bluecoat Display Centre
50-51 College Lane
L1 3BZ

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