PK’s seisiún

PK's seisiún.
PK’s seisiún 20Oct

Completely informal opportunity to come a long for a tune.

The first seisiún of two in the Festival, the other takes place the following Fri (27 Oct 2022) – again at PK’s.

Bring an instrument, your voice and a will to play along. There’ll be Festival friends to help bring the gang together, whilst a fully stocked bar -in one of the most historic and quirkiest pubs in Liverpool- eases you towards the dawn. This event gets busy quickly and sometimes it is ‘standing room only’, so be prepared to ‘hotch up’ and swap places so everyone can get a piece of the action.


Free, just turn up.
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Free, just turn up.


20 October 2023


Peter Kavanagh’s
2-6 Egerton Street
L8 7LY

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PK’s seisiún

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