Susan McKay – Northern Protestants: On Shifting Ground

Susan McKay - Northern Protestants: On Shifting Ground 27Oct

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Susan McKay’s Northern Protestants – On Shifting Ground has been a summer 2021 bestseller on both sides of the Irish border.

Described as “vital reading”, which “seamlessly weaves together personal stories and political events with deep emotional intelligence” (Claire Mitchell, The Irish Times) and “fascinating and constantly thought provoking” (Sean O’Hagan, Observer), it is a portrait of a community at a point of political crisis.

It is a sequel to Northern Protestants – An Unsettled People, published in 2000, when the Good Friday Agreement was new and memories of the relentlessly violent years of conflict were raw. There was relief; hope for better times ahead. If the killing could stop, anything might be possible. The new book explores how people from the Protestant community feel now -20 years on from the agreement- rocked to its foundations by Brexit; 100 years on from the formation of the Northern Irish state.

Susan will be interviewed by Eoin McNamee, whose novels, closely based on crime stories, are thought to take “a surgical scalpel to the thin skin of history’s corpse” (David Peace, The Thought Fox).  Their conversation will explore how we look at the exchange between fact and fiction; truth and document; memory and ‘fact’.

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The talk will be broadcast on YouTube (search for the Liverpool Irish Festival channel), which requires no tickets. If you would like to be part of the live Zoom transmission, and take part in the online Q&A, you will need to book. Ticket numbers are limited. Once you have booked, Eventbrite (the booking system) will send you all the necessary links to gain access to the event on the evening.

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27 October 2021




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