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Brave Maeve – softback book


Follow Brave Maeve as she adventures through places and characters in Irish myth and legend. Buy your copy here for just £4.99+P&P.

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Follow Brave Maeve as she adventures through enchanted places, encountering characters from Irish myth and legend.


The book was written and illustrated by Stuart Harrison, in Liverpool, featuring his friend’s daughter. Celebrating characters from thousands of years of Irish and Liverpudlian folklore, Brave Maeve is an energetic romp through time and tale.

The lead character -Maeve- is a genuine Liverpool-gal, connected to the author by friends and also the daughter of one of Liverpool’s John Mitchels’ GAA coaches! Linking Liverpool and Ireland, this is a great adventure story; full of busy pages, local lingo and pacy adventures.


We’ve given it a Flesh-Kincaid reading score 3.7, equivalent to an 8-9-year old reading age in the UK, putting it on ar with Roald Dahl’s The Magic Finger or Betsey Sachs’s The Boy who ate Dog Biscuits. Remember though, this book comes in English and Gaeilge (Irish), so has a wider appeal that just this age range.


This children’s story was commissioned by Liverpool Irish Festival, in partnership with Gael Linn and An tUltach.

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