More than time in The Space Between: Jean Maskell

Detail from Jean Maskell's painting, used for her book cover/ Features a small and personless boat, afloat on a body of water.

The Space Between (book cover) (c) Jean MaskellJean Maskell’s new book, The Space Between explores the distance between people and places through short stories, poetry and painting.

The Decade of Centenaries,  commemorating Ireland’s path to home rule, led her to reflect on the life of her mother and family in Wexford. Doing so, reminded Jean of how memories, passed down, can so easily disappear over time. History is often marked by the anniversaries of headline events. However, the unreported day-to-day experiences and memories, of ordinary people, also deserve telling.

One of her recounted stories recalls the Black and Tans shooting at her mother, then a small child, playing behind the garden hedge.

Betwixt and between

As a woman of Irish-English heritage descent, Jean is aware of the feeling of belonging to two countries. “Going home” means leaving the other home behind. This fills the physical distance with reflection and emotions.

“I hope this collection will resonate with the Irish diaspora. My aim is for the reader to make of the words whatever means something to them. Whilst much of my work references Wexford, I seek to tell a story -sometimes obvious, but often hidden- and share emotions that are universal to all cultures.

“Being part of Liverpool Irish Festival’s Cultural Connectedness Exchange Network really encouraged me to bring this collection of my work together”.

The book additionally explores the idea that the space between sea and sky; between countries; between people; between the living and those who have gone before. This space need not be a ‘nothingness’; for there is always more… and hope.


All proceeds from the book are being donated to Wexford Marine Watch, a suicide prevention initiative, and to Wexford Tidy Towns environmental charity.

In Liverpool The Space Between is available to purchase from the independent bookshop: News From Nowhere (Bold Street).

More on the book can be found here: Maskell presenting her book to George Lawlor, Cathaoirleach of Wexford County Council, and Chair of Wexford Marine Watch.

Image credit: Jean Maskell presenting her book to George Lawlor, Cathaoirleach of Wexford County Council and Chair of Wexford Marine Watch.

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