Handyman Supermarket Irish Craft Beer Festival

Handyman Supermarket Irish Craft Beer Festival

Does what it says on the pump-clip!

This 2 day Irish Craft Beer Festival, run by well-loved owners of Kelly’s Dispensary, will see a number of small Irish brewers represented, along with some traditional soft drinks (Cidona, Club Orange) and foods (Irish stew, potato and leek soup, crisp sandwiches with proper Irish bread).

Also look out for ‘Meet the Brewer’ sessions, which will be publicised nearer the time. @handymanbrewery

Please be aware there are three sessions across the two days beginning at 6pm on Fri 20 Oct until 10pm. On Saturday two sessions will run from 12pm-4pm and 5pm-9pm – hence the time spread indicated above.

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20 October 2017-21 October 2017

Three sessions: Fri 6pm-10pm; Sat 12pm-4pm and 5pm-9pm