Irish myth and legend (exhibition)

Irish myth and legend (exhibition)

In 2020 Gael Linn and An tUltach partnered with the Liverpool Irish Festival to create a one-off creative commission to celebrates Irish language and folklore.

Selected for this commission, was storyteller and artist Nuala Monaghan. The resulting work tells five key stories from Irish myth and legend, each with an artwork to help communicate the power of the story. Shown among the Calderstones, that connect Liverpool with Ireland through thousands of years of use and symbolism, this exhibit helps to reveal the connections folklore continues to have on our modern world.

This exhibition was co-commissioned with Gael Linn and An tUltach. Gael Linn is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation focused on the promotion of the Irish language and the arts. An tUltach is Ireland’s oldest Irish language literary magazine, established in 1924.

Also see The Gods of Old; a Hallowe’en Storytelling listing, Sun 31 Oct.


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No booking required.


21 October 2021-31 October 2021

10am-4pm (not 5pm as in some early listings).


The Reader
The Mansion House. Calderstones Park. Calderstone Road,
L18 3JB

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