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Scadan lead image (c) Holly Langley
Scadán 19Oct

It is 1914 in Downings, County Donegal. In a women’s commune, we meet and witness the journeys of five women, accompanied by live music, imagery and old, Celtic stories.

Our main character, Murieann, is leaving the island of Tory for America. We journey with her, exploring early-twentieth-century revolution and suffrage, in Ireland and England, precipitating the feelings, actions and emotions that continue informing politics today, locally and globally. Should we take action? Should we educate? Must we be involved? What does that mean?

A brand new production and original play, at up-and-coming venue The Invisible Wind Factory, Scadán is fictional play (based on historic accounts) produced, performed and written by young, emerging artists living in the city, including young writers, Lauren O’Hara and Connor Kelly (from Derry-Londonderry), who live in Liverpool alongside upcoming, Liverpool-based Producer/Director Roisin Fletcher.

£8/£6 conc/£3 15-17 year olds

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19 October 2016